About Us

About Our LGBT Events… And Our Skills

We are a LGBT social group in the Tampa Bay area that gets together to do anything fun and/or active. Softball, kickball, volleyball, board games, card games, kayaking, fun outings …anything! We’re about having fun and strongly believe in family unity – so all ages, shapes/sizes and skill levels are welcome (unless specific event notes 21 and up).

Full discloser: We are not professional athletes. We will fall and we will miss the ball. We are “accidentally score one for the other team” kind of peeps.


What We’re NOT About

We’re not into drama – like, at all. In fact, we have zero tolerance for it. We absolutely love our members and know how lucky we are to have such amazing people join our events. We want to keep seeing their happy faces.

We are not a singles dating group. We encourage everyone to join, from single to married – and all of the in between.

With that said, we are also not (and never will be) a group solely for women or solely for men. We welcome ALL!

We are not “clicky”. A lot of people are worried that, when they show up to an event, everyone will already know each other and they will be left out. That couldn’t be further from the truth. People come to our events specifically to meet people and make new friends.

We are not a funded organization and we do not make money from events. Organizers and Event Hosts are selflessly volunteering for the benefit of our beautiful LGBTQ community. Please be patient if there is a gap in events. All involved have full-time jobs, families and lives just like you. Life …it happens.

We are not in competition with any other LGBT groups. We often hear people imply that groups like ours are ‘in competition’ with one another. We wholeheartedly believe the opposite. We believe creating a ‘dog-eat-dog’ atmosphere would, in the end, go against our overhead mission and separate the community, instead of unite it.

We always welcome other LGBT groups (S’up, other LGBT groups!) to connect with us if we can be of assistance in any way.

Get Involved in the LGBT Community and Host Your Own Event(s)

We want to provide a hub spot for the LGBT community; a place where anyone can get a group together to do awesome stuff – whenever they want. If there is a gap in events and you’re itching to get out and do something fun, feel free to create and host an event! It’s super fun and you’ll meet ah-mazing people. Contact Us for more info!

How to Join Events

In order to keep events safe and comfortable for all, we put limited information on our website event calendar. Please join our private Facebook group in order to see all details. We do this in attempt to create a hate-free environment that allows us to weed out those with ill intentions (tisk tisk, creepers), if needed.